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DORA Helmet Concept

IBDC 2013 - International Bicycle Design Competition
(Clothing and Accessories Category)

Award Winner

DORA has been designed for cyclist who are traveling through the city very often, especially at night. For example about 60% of bike collisions in Florida are caused by cyclists riding at night without lights.
DORA keeps you visible, and its lights can be seen from every directions.
The other problems are the non unequivocal signals between the cyclist and the drivers, mostly during direction changing. DORA helps you change direction easily and safely. Its controlled by an ergonomic controller attached to the handlebar, using bluetooth technology for connection.
The front light on the helmet gives you light toward the road, moreover you can leave your bike (and its light) behind, because the light is exactly where you look. A rechargeable battery is responsible for the power supply on the top.

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